Founded in 1999, The NaviWorld Group is a leading provider of Business Solutions (ERP) in the emerging markets of Asia, Africa, Middle East and Eastern Europe, where skilled and experienced business and software professionals provide assistance and support in all phases of IT & Business Solution (ERP) implementation.

NaviWorld is determined to provide the most reliable and scalable customized Business Solutions around the world for companies and organizations with international business contacts. To achieve this position, the NaviWorld Group is a customer-oriented, vertically experienced enterprise committed to excellence and best value in its chosen mission to help companies to plan, protect and grow their business.

The applications provided, range from ERP solutions, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, Human Resource Management, Asset Maintenance Management Solutions (EAM), Management Information System (MIS) that are tailored specifically for each company to meet their unique demands.

NaviWorld is strategically dedicated to focus exclusively on Microsoft Business Solutions, to serve customers with cutting edge competencies and the best in class solutions.

“Our strength is our commitment,” - Gilda Maria Aaen, Director - The NaviWorld Group Ltd.

While focusing only on our customer’s requirements, we have been able to understand the thoughts behind their needs, understand the flow and acquire the process knowledge of various industries, as only a few other companies in the world can at present. Our 100% commitment to our customers has helped us to become one of the ‘best-skilled’ Business Solution (ERP) providers in the market.


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