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Psion Teklogix Handheld computer

NaviWorld Mongolia LLC is official distributor of Psion Teklogix handheld computers. Being official distributor we get good prices, which is your benefit - we offer a very wide range of selection. Psion Teklogix is a global provider of mobile computing solutions designed to improve business efficiency and productivity for leading enterprises throughout the world.

Solutions are built around a range of high-quality, innovative mobile computers designed for tough and demanding environments. Psion Teklogix is a leader in rugged hardware, integration, service and support and in new and emerging technologies including image capture, RFID and biometrics. With over three decades of industry experience, Psion Teklogix has 4 million customers in more than 80 countries.

Psion Teklogix handheld computer handles barcode, RFID, speech and imaging technologies allowing you to use the right technology for each and every business process. Psion Teklogix rugged mobile computers tough enough to handle abuse, water, dust, vibration, cold, heat and drop on concrete. Psion Teklogix’ core strengths are in the supply chain execution, warehousing, mining, postal service, distribution, ports, cold storage and field services.

Psion Teklogix handheld computer offers

  • manage goods movement, inventory flow

  • improve efficiency, reduce cost

  • collect information about all products at real time

  • full interactive speech and voice directed solutions

  • intelligent barcode scanning and imaging

  • improve customer relation service

  • reform working practices and reduce long hours

  • provides reliable transportation positioning, navigation

  • control activities occur at all working field

Psion Teklogix specializes in making mobile workers more productive by producing only the best rugged handheld computer products and technology.

Rugged handheld computer products

The WORKABOUT PRO provides unparalleled upgradability, perfect for rapidly changing environments.

P65 Rating, Full Wireless, Integrated 1D & 2D scanners and RFID, camera, 3.7” LCD, GPS

The 7530 is a designed for the harshest of environments such as the Cold Chain, Airports and Container Yards.

IP67, cold chain certified from -22° to 140° F, Bluetooth, WiFi, internal heaters and frost-free

The 8525 G2 take ruggedness to extremes, operating comfortably at temperatures between

-30 C to +60 C The wide-range 10-90V power supply allows installation on any truck without the need for additional power supplies.

The 7535 delivers in mobile data collection such as warehouses, distribution centers and ports.

IP65 Rating, Bluetooth, WiFi, scan options inc Lorax, ultra-battery for full-shift operation

The Ikon rugged PDA designed for use in mobile applications including field service, direct store delivery P65 Rating, Full Wireless, Integrated scanner, camera, 3.7” LCD, GPS

The rugged NEO small form factor handheld meets the demands of light industrial, retail or supply chain/logistics operations IP54 Rating, Bluetooth, WiFi, Integrated scanner, 2.7” tilted LCD


PSION Teklogix printers

Psion Teklogix have selected, tested and validated several models of their partners. Models that cover all printing needs expressed, in every line of business. Zebra, Imaje, Printronix, Extech Instruments and Oneil have become leading partners.

PTX-MLP 3030/3040

Handle the harshest environments and the most demanding apps. Print labels on the spot to save time and boost productivity.


PRINTABOUT thermal printer combines ruggedness with limitless application possibilities. Handles 3” and 4” receipts, work orders, invoices and ticket printing. Ideal for mobile sales, field service and public safety. Available in cabled, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi versions.

Psion Teklogix

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